The modern way of creating apps

With the Shopware app system, we're breaking new ground. Since Shopware 6 relies on API-first, the decoupling of modules and, consequently, clear communication, the app system is the logical next evolutionary step.

Your app runs externally and communicates with Shopware via webhooks and the API, giving you absolute control over your app.
The app system gives you more freedom, flexibility and many insights into its usage. And best of all, you open up to a wider audience
and new customers as apps run with Shopware self-hosted as well as cloud distribution.
Shape the future of app development with us! Lead the way, benefit from a larger audience, and gain new customers.

How it works

What about Plugins?

The Shopware 6 plugin system is designed to extend and customise a self-hosted store. This system opts within Shopware, which means that the extension becomes part of the application and can thus intervene deeply in Shopware processes and modules. This has many advantages for customising a self-hosted store. Therefore, the plugin system will remain next to the app system. 

The plugin system cannot be used in the cloud, as our SaaS version is a multitenant system. The instances share resources - consequently also the Shopware application. Installing and executing third-party code is impossible, as errors or security problems would directly affect all cloud instances. 

Facts of the plug-in system

  • Great dependency of the plugin on internal code

  • High error and complexity rate

  • Additional costs due to frequent breaks during Shopware updates

  • Cannot be applied in the cloud



Your app will be automatically updated in all stores, which simplifies your development process. 


Sell your app in Shopware cloud as well as self-hosted. Be the first to offer an app in your category in Shopware cloud!


Choose your preferred programming language and enjoy full flexibility inside your application. This also allows you to react a lot faster to bugs and problems.


Get full control over your app and all its data. Gather useful insights about user behaviour.

The app concept

Get a general overview about the app system.

Hosting your app

To get started with your own app, we've prepared a template for hosting at Platform.sh

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