Albert Einstein: I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

With the fourth Boost Day, we started a new series: Ask us anything! 

You, the community, ask, and we try to answer your questions the best way possible. 
This will be an ongoing project. So for every Boost Day, you can ask new questions. We will answer them during the intro presentation but will also provide the questions and answers here. 

Do you want to know something? Please ask your questions or vote via git: ASK US ANYTHING

Your questions

Will there be private composer repositories for plugins?

Yes, there will be private composer repositories for plugins. The start of implementation was on the week of March 29th. The estimated date of completion is the week of May 10-16th.

Update: It's still in progress.


Will PHP 8.0 with Shopware be possible?

Yes, 5.7.0 is compatible with PHP 8.0. Shopware 6.4.0 is compatible with PHP 8.0.


Will there be an EAV Attribute System like Magento?

No, the DAL in Shopware would not support it. We have custom fields to use the MySQL JSON data type, which is a substitute for this and another way of achieving similar goals.


Will there be more value to certificates?

Yes, there will be more value in the future. When and how is not yet decided. We already started the process, but there are many things to consider, so that needs time.


 Will the Admin use vue3 and the composition API?

 Will the Admin use less custom stuff and be more vue?

Yes, vue3 will be available with Shopware 6.5. 
Composition API is planned.


Is there a SWAG store? Will there be a Cody Vuelette for sale?

We plan to set up a SWAG store this year (2021).
SWAG store in this context means a Shopware Merchandising store. 
Cody Vuelette is a limited edition and therefore not available for sale in the future.


Will there be a better SW5 to SW6 Migration Guide?

Probably. We are constantly evolving our documentation, but there is no plan to overhaul the complete migration guide.


Why is the CC/BCC not working?

It is currently not an implemented feature. Also, there is no timeline for when it will be implemented. This might be a topic for the next Boost Day.


version_commit_data – why is it need and never cleared?

The clearing is fixed with Shopware 6.4. 
Version_commit_data keeps a delta of objects. When you change something in the administration or via API, a delta is kept. In the future, this will be the base of a system where you can roll back the changes you have made. 


Why prefer JSON: API over REST?

Shopware can do both. You can use REST if you want to. The trick is to set your accept header on your request to application JSON.


Will there be a more diverse pricing model for Apps?

Probably. We heard your feedback and will evaluate this, but it is too soon to make promises. There will be more on this topic in the future.


Will there be an App UI Kit?

Yes, indeed, in the future. We are working on it, but it is not ready yet.


Technologies that you will work with:

  • Vue.js
  • Vanilla ES6
  • Bootstrap
  • Symfony
  • SW6 platform
  • Git

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