Follow the Sun with Shopware

Our last Boost Day this year will be an exceptional one. Shopware will follow the sun and give our community worldwide a chance to be part of it! We are trying to cater to all continents and provide workshops and our team for every time zone.

Main Topics: 
Dev meets Shopware 6
Contribution & Translation
Shopware in a nutshell
Meeting the Community and the Shopware Team

Are you considering starting with Shopware 6? Your company just decided Shopware 6 will be part of the portfolio and you have no idea what to expect? So this day is for you. Our main goal is to show you why it's a lot of fun and pleasure to work with Shopware 6.

We also want to make Shopware 6 more colourful, more extensive and diverse together. Either you want to start with contribution or you are already a veteran; we will provide ideas and help get started. Important side note: contribution means more than code. It can be helping with the docu or translation as well, for example!

How will it work?
We start at 9 am (UTC+7) and end at 4 pm (UTC-5). That means you could spend 20 hours with us full of Shopware 6 and community. And don't worry, there are always new entry points and topics throughout the day, you don't have to be awake early or late at night.


The focus on interaction is made possible by the use of Gather Town. It is a tool that brings the feeling of a real-world conference into our beloved "cyberspace". 

Dev meets SW6

For whom is this? 

  • Developers with no Shopware 6 experience

What can an attendee expect? 

  • A workshop to get to know Shopware 6
  • You can ask questions at any point
  • People from our dev team will join the workshops as well and will help you


For whom is this?

  • For experienced contributors as well as absolute beginners who want to contribute to shopware 6 for the first time.

What can an attendee expect? 

  • We will provide tickets and ideas for contribution for all levels of experience
  • Our team will be here all day to answer your questions

Shopware in a nutshell

For whom is this? 

  • Everyone who wants to dive into Shopware - either with a developer background or a decision-maker at an agency 

What can an attendee expect?

  • A short introduction to Shopware and the product.
  • Why Shopware can be the future solution for your e-commerce projects and customers.
  • Time and space for all your questions.
  • Live coding.

Agenda for the Boost Day
Hanoi (UTC+7) | Berlin (UTC+1) | East Central Time (UTC-5)
Our timetable basis

09:00 AM (UTC+7) | 03:00 AM (UTC+1) 09:00 PM (UTC-5) | Welcome & Hello World - Part 1
First hello and welcome of the day from our Team Asia
09:15 AM (UTC+7) | 03:15 AM (UTC+1) | 09:15 PM (UTC-5) | Dev meets SW6

12:00 AM (UTC+7) | 06:00 AM (UTC+1) | 00:00 AM (UTC-5) | Lunch Break

01:00 PM (UTC+7) | 07:00 AM (UTC+1) | 02:00 AM (UTC-5) | Dev meets SW6

03:00 PM (UTC+7) | 09:00 AM (UTC+1) | 04:00 AM (UTC-5) | Welcome & Hello World - Part 2
Hello and welcome from our Team Europe

03:15 PM (UTC+7) | 09:15 AM (UTC+1) | 04:15 AM (UTC-5) | Dev meets SW6

03:15 PM (UTC+7) | 09:15 AM (UTC+1) | 04:15 AM (UTC-5) | Contribution

06:00 PM (UTC+7) | 12:00 AM (UTC+1) | 07:00 AM (UTC-5) | Lunch Break

07:00 PM (UTC+7) | 01:00 PM (UTC+1) | 08:00 AM (UTC-5) | Dev meets SW6

07:00 PM (UTC+7) | 01:00 PM (UTC+1) | 08:00 AM (UTC-5) | Contribution

09:00 PM (UTC+7) | 03:00 PM (UTC+1) | 09:00 AM (UTC-5) | Welcome & Hello World - Part 3
Hello and welcome from our Team USA

09:15 PM (UTC+7) | 03:15 PM (UTC+1) | 09:15 AM (UTC-5) | Shopware in a nutshell

11:00 PM (UTC+7) | 05:00 PM (UTC+1) | 12:00 AM (UTC-5) | Lunch break

00:00 AM (UTC+7) | 06:00 PM (UTC+1) | 01:00 PM (UTC-5) | Shopware in a nutshell

02:00 AM (UTC+7) | 08:00 PM (UTC+1) | 03:00 PM (UTC-5) | Good Bye

Technologies that you will work with:

  • Vue.js
  • Vanilla ES6
  • Bootstrap
  • Symfony
  • SW6 platform
  • Git

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