Let's bring back the hackathon feeling!

At the last Boost Days, we could only see each other online. We are changing that with the next iteration of our boost day series:

You can either be there in Schöppingen at the campus* or participate online in Gather Town again.

And this time, it's all about a traditional hackathon
What does that mean? We will start on Friday morning with a short introduction and write down all the ideas - As an example, we will provide a performance topic - Then, everyone can present their subject(s) and find companions along the way. So together, we will create the schedule and the content for both days.
On Sunday afternoon, there will be a closing ceremony where we can show each other what we have been working on. 

We will provide a miro board to collect your and our ideas shortly before the event.

And those who participate on-site can expect a pleasant retro game surprise on Friday afternoon. Participation is, of course, voluntary.

*For the on-site variant in Schöppingen, we only have 40 tickets. So it is advisable to secure your place quickly.




Shops have to be fast to be successful. We are constantly testing and improving performance, but we may not see what you experience with your projects daily. Therefore, bring your problems and hurdles from your projects and together, we will see if we can help you and integrate the improvement into the core of shopware 6.


We all know and love the out-of-the-box solution for docker. Because you can always make good things a bit better, faster and more up-to-date, this is (together with the dockware team) a project we propose for the hackathon.

Your Ideas

Do you have an idea for a plugin or app and looking for companions? Do you want to try&test something together with other people? Do you have something to show? A talk you want to give? Do you like to contribute to Shopware 6. Or need a rubber duck dev from the community to discuss your idea or problem? Then, this is your place to be, and we look forward to hearing about it!

Time Table


  • Start: 09:30 am (online & offline) 
  • End: 06:30 pm (online & offline) 
  • BBQ: 07:00 pm (offline)


  • Start: 09:30 am (online & offline) 
  • End: 2:45 pm (online & offline) 

Organisational Information 

The following information will help you if you attend the Boost Day in Schöppingen.

Hotel Recommendations

Since the amount of hotels in Schöppingen is relatively small, we recommend both hotels:

But it is totally up to you if you want to stay in Schöppingen. These are your two options:

PreParty September 15th

We are looking for a location at the moment. Expect an update over the next couple of days.


We will provide a shuttle service from Münster to Schöppingen and vice versa.


  • 08:30 am: Münster Atlantic Hotel → Schöppingen
  • 22:00 pm: Schöppingen → Münster Atlantic Hotel


  • 08:30 am: Münster Atlantic Hotel → Schöppingen
  • 03:00 pm: Schöppingen → Münster Atlantic Hotel


shopware AG
Ebbinghoff 10
48624 Schöppingen


In front of the Shopware Headquarters and on the other side of the street crossing are plenty of parking slots.

Food & Beverages

We will provide food and beverages throughout the day, but no breakfast. Please share at the registration if you are vegan, vegetarian, etc.

A trip into the past

On Friday afternoon, we plan an adventure trip in the history of gaming. You don't have to prepare anything or bring anything with you. We will not reveal more ;-) 

Technologies that you will work with:

  • Vue.js
  • Vanilla ES6
  • Bootstrap
  • Symfony
  • SW6 platform
  • Git

Get ready for the Boost Day:


Start with the Shopware 6 documentation


The Boost Day on GitHub


Talk to the community

Support Ticket

You are a young developer at the beginning of your career? And eager to be at our Boost Day in Schöppingen?  But your budget makes it impossible? Let us know and together we can see if we can find a solution. Email: community@shopware.com

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